Kakapo Kids

A safe nest for kids to grow

19-21 Hopper Street
Te Aro, Wellington

Tel: 04 801 7170

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Vision Statement

Kakapo Kids is a warm and loving family environment, where children are empowered and respected as they learn and grow.


Family and Community

We value meaningful relationships with our families, and strive to support both personal and cultural aspirations for their children.
Children are supported and encouraged to become active members of our local and wider communities.
We recognise the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua, and actively weave te reo and tikanga into our everyday practice.

Respectful Caregiving

Here at Kakapo Kids we are inspired by the principles of RIE and Pikler.
We strongly believe that children are extremely capable and competent learners, given the opportunities to initiate and self-direct their own learning.
We see the importance of clearly communicating with children, and treating them as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Free Play and Exploration

Children are empowered through a play-based education programme, where, through their interests, they are encouraged to lead their own learning and exploration.
To support this, we provide children with a wide range of heuristic (open-ended) resources that promote imagination, independence and discovery.

Tuakana - Teina

Children of mixed ages benefit from playing and learning alongside each other.
Through this we also support the Māori concept of ‘ako’, where learning and teaching happen simultaneously within a relationship.
At different times of the day, children are free to visit both rooms and spend time with children of different ages, as well as their siblings.